Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria (ATCN) was registered on June 23, 2009 as a Non- Governmental Organization with aims and objectives to create awareness for road safety, environmental awareness etc. ATCN is an affiliate of Federation International de Automobile (FIA) and a Member of the FIA Region1 Clubs (covering Africa, Europe and Middle East) ACTA (African Council of Touring and Automobile).

ATCN looks to ensure that Nigerians and all road users are properly enlightened, trained and educated as per the use of roads, taking into consideration that road management agencies around the country aim to reduce the number of both deaths and serious injuries on Nigerian roads.

ATCN undertakes analysis, training and policy development to both government and private groups to ensure access to safer transport systems.

ATCN campaigns for:

  • Safer drivers – periodic FIA Road Safety Grant Programme & FIA Foundation Programmes organized by ATCN which teaches drivers good habits, traffic rules, pedestrian crossing and safety and first aid techniques.
  • Better use of information – collating accurate data on road incidents and using this to improve drivers training.
  • Safer other road users- ACTN champions the Children Traffic Club to educate school children and pedestrians on road safety, assist start up road safety clubs and enhance existing ones.


Ishaku Bamaiyi – President

Edward Osekwe – Vice President

Denen Ikya     _ Legal Adviser (Crest Hill Law Office)


In setting up the driving school, wide consultations were carried out to set up a school that teaches the best safe driving ways.

Besides the wide curriculum for beginners, the driving school conducts driving assessments of experienced drivers for proficiency before employment, and conducts defensive driver courses tailor made to suit each client.

Driver Training Courses:

  • Learner Driver Training – for beginners
  • Refresher Driving Course
  • Advanced Driving Course
  • Plant and Equipment Operators Assessment
  • Driver Competence Assessment


(work in progress)


Motoring & Tourism Information

  • Driving license requirements
  • Vehicle license papers
  • General rules of the road