Child and Adult Safety Initiative

The use of seat-belts and child restraints is one of the most important actions that can be taken to prevent injury in a motor vehicle crash. While seat-belts and child restraints do not prevent crashes from taking place, they play a major role in reducing the severity of injury to vehicle occupants involved in a collision. An occupant’s chance of survival increases dramatically when appropriately restrained.

The technical effectiveness of seat-belts and child restraints is well researched and proven. Properly designed and fitted restraints save lives. Once seat-belts have been installed in a vehicle, the next objective is to ensure that the vehicle occupants use them. The seat-belt is an effective safety tool that not only saves lives, but also significantly reduces the severity of injury that a vehicle occupant may have sustained if they were not wearing the device. Around half of all deaths of front seat occupants could be prevented through the correct use of seat-belts.

Therefore, this initiative is geared at sensitizing children and adults sharing road on the importance of the use of seat belt, child restraint, safer cycling and walking to school, reflective jacket, traffic rules and regulations. Giving children and adult this knowledge will help reduce the rate of injuries and mortality arising from not using seat belt, and child restraint and more importantly this knowledge will ensure the safe use of road by children and adults

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